Picture of George B. Warnke Founder and President of G.B. Warnke & Associates Inc.

George B. Warnke, Jr. P.S.

Founder and President


George has over 50 years of surveying experience allowing the staff to consult with him on Section Corner and Boundary Survey issues as needed.

Picture of Kevin Weilnau Certified Survey Technician Level three at G.B. Warnke and Associates Inc.
Picture of Scott Warnke Vice President, C.O.O and Chief Surveror at G. B. Warnke and Associates Inc.

Scott A. Warnke,P.S.

Vice President & C.O.O


Chief  Surveyor

Kevin Weilnau

Certified Survey Technician Level III

Kevin is  a NSPS Certified Survey Technician with over 35 years of surveying experience.

Kevin has worked for G. B. Warnke & Associates for over 27 years. Along with Kevin's surveying duties, he specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and FEMA Floodplain Issues.

Scott has over 30 years of land surveying experience and currently serves as The Monroe County Surveyor, an elected position.


Scott is a graduate of Ferris State University.


Scott's Professional Land Surveyors license numbers for Michigan and Ohio are:


Michigan No. 41913

Ohio No. 8151


Scott was recently interviewed by P.O.B., a surveying magazine. To read the interview with Scott click on P.O.B.

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